Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shoulder To Cry On

Stress, depression, suicidal tendency, mental breakdown, family breakup and the list goes on. I am sure all of us have either gone through a phase in our life that sucked or known someone that were feeling down and out. In the current dog eats dog world and survival of the fittest, we are definitely going to see an alarming rise in this phenomenon.

What should we do? Mentally and spiritually, we have to be strong to ride this storm. Many will take refuge in religion and pour out to the loved ones and friends. However they are also those who could not figure a way out but took the easy way out.

Learn to let go. Don't cling on the past. Move on. Be Present. Saviour the living moment. Contentment is a bliss. The fact that you are reading this 'crap' is that you have Internet access, meaning you are more privileged that many that do not even know when is their next meal.

Don't Worry Be Happy.

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