Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sports Day

Last Friday attended daughter's Sports Day. Due to lack of playing field, the event was held in Selayang Stadium. Just imagine, a 7 years old girl, who was a greenhorn, made her running debut in the running track as compared to her parents who raced barefooted in muddy school field. The other thing worth noting was that they conducted their opening ceremony reherseal just before the actual do!

My girl was excited the past week but was also worried that she could not finish her race. She was the first runner for Green House in 4x80 m relay. She kept asking how far she needed to run. The funny thing was the training was conducted next to the canteen thus not the actual distance was covered. To cut the story short, all went well as they emerged triumphant. What a great race - all newbies making their debuts. It was a great start and boosted her confidence to indulge in sports!

I will encourage her to take part actively in sports as it builds character. All work and no play make LiVen a dull girl! Study Hard, Play Hard!

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