Friday, July 18, 2008

Career Crossroad

When do you know if it is time to move on to another job?

Some are reluctant to change jobs. They prefer to stick to the same, old routines - the comfort zone - than risk facing the unknown.

Ask yourself and your boss the following questions when you are in the crossroad:

  • What are the goals and objectives of the organisation?
  • Are you given the chance to grow and have a career path? Does the company have a strategy to keep good people? Do they care?
  • Does the company encourage you to learn and multi-skill so that you are motivated?
  • Are you happy with the environment? Are you happy to go to work? Are you constantly motivated by your superiors? Are they good role models? Are you being appreciated?
  • Are you living in a comfort zone that prevent you from getting to the next level? Have you planned your career path? Have you discussed this with your superiors?

    If you are good, apply for other positions and see if any of the successful organisations shortlist you for interviews. The corporate world is always ready and willing to hire good employees.

    In the opinion of business etiquette experts, enterprising employees have to manage their own career development. They call this process “self-managed development”.

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