Tuesday, August 26, 2008

6 Ways To Protect Your Wealth

1) Dealing with death - make a will. You need to leave instructions on how to distribute your assets when you die! If you don't, you're condemning your loved ones to financial worries on top of grief!

2) Protect your life - Ever important if you have dependent children. The loss of your income (as a breadwinner)could be a huge blow to the family. Shop around for a life insurance that provides adequate protection.

3) Protect your partner - It's a grave mistake to insure yourself adequately while ignoring the financial havoc that the death of a partner could inflict. Imagine the surviving partner has to work and raise the kids alone, facing financial and emotional heartbreak.

4) Protect against life threatening illnesses - 1 in 4 Malaysians will suffer cancer. Then there are the other lifestyle diseases to worry about. Get critical illness insurance.

5) Safeguard your income - If you are out of action for,say, 6 months, your employer will cut your pay and eventually stop paying your salary altogether. Think about building pipeline and embark on passive income. No work but still get paid.

6) Take good care of your health - Health is wealth. Start watching your diet, do regular exercise and prolong your productive years!

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