Friday, August 1, 2008


The article Crude Prediction featured in CFO Asia latest issue caught my eyes. It mentioned that Alam Flora, the solid waste management company that serves 6.4 million Malaysians had come up with a list of measures to cut down oil consumption. This is where the fun begins.

Among the ideas ;
1) upsizing garbage containers so trucks can make one collection per week!
2) moving from day to night time pickups which could reduce drive times from eight to six hours due to lighter traffic!
3) convert to natural gas

What a load of Rubbish! Of course business is set up to make money but do not reduce expenses at the expense of the customers! Will be disgusted if the first 2 ideas are implemented.

1) 1 collection per week? Perhaps you readers could comment and tell me the consequences (I know, I know, pinch your nose and don't let it go.. for a week!) Lately there are an increasing number of scavengers rummaging the bin to look for recyclable items. Nothing against them as they are doing the earth a big favour but very often, they do not 'clean up'. Then it's fiesta for the neighbours' pets! Do I need to say more?

2) night pickups? (worse if idea #1 materialises) Don't like the idea to be honked in the wee hours as you are dreaming 'fiesta-ing' in the Nirvana land or when you are about to score a goal in the injury time against your bitter rival. We have witnessed many times - the drivers would just honked if other vehicles were blocking their paths. Most households own a few cars but the problem is that the garage is only designed to accommodate 1 car! So Malaysians are very creative in parking their vehicles. Of course, they need some tools in order to maintain civil order i.e. business card and mobile phone! Yeah, no joke, parking disputes did claim few lives in the past few years!

Suggest a more holistic ways to reduce expenses. Perhaps for a start, cut down on business travels and 'entertainment'. Lastly, stop the kickbacks and bribes!

pic - a better way to collect the waste? No petrol ma!

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