Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saya Anak Selangor

Yesterday, I experienced a refreshing encounter at a public service counter. Read on.

After dad demise, an uncle urged me to claim the funeral expenses from Selangor state government. Can meh? Apparently the new government is living to its election manifesto in handing out welfare aids. Started logging into the website Downloaded this form called Borang Tabung Jasamu.

Dad complied with the terms and conditions as he was born and bred in Selangor. Started compiling the supporting documents but there was a slight hiccup. These documents need to be certified by the Penghulu! Where the hell to find this Penghulu as we are living in a residential estate which at no fault of us had been gifted to the Federal government with a stroke of a pen! Made some calls and got lucky. Was directed to the nearest Penghulu at Gombak.

On Monday morning, went to this kampong and found this young 29 years old Penghulu. Yes, he was that young from his IC number! Horror, this young turk rejected my application. “Your dad’s last address was in Kuala Lumpur, so he was not eligible” Huh! I have read the terms & conditions and damn sure that he qualified (born in Selangor and resided there for more than 15 years). Tried to slow talk “Tok Penghulu, please sign la” “Cannot, I will get scolded” Huh!

Started to get impatient and gave him this case study “Imagine if I lived my whole life in Selangor, then when I fell sick, I moved in with my son who was based in Johor. Then within few months I kicked the bucket. Does that mean I ain't no anak Selangor?” He did not want to hear this argument and kept on saying the entitlement is based on last known address! Finally he came to his senses and made a call.

“Ok, I will sign but if rejected don’t blame me!” Huh! Bloody young ciku….

Yesterday, I submitted the application to a counter staff at Pejabat Daerah Gombak. In less than 5 minutes another officer came over. Lo and behold she handed an envelope to me. “Kira i.e. Count it”. 1,2,3.. I counted RM2,000. A bit shock and shiok! though. Shocked not because of receiving the money but the efficiency! I always thought they will sit on the documents and if the stars are properly aligned, I will receive a notification in a month or two to collect a cheque! This sum will not make us rich but it definitely pay some bills!

Anyway, the intent of this article is to broadcast that Selangor state is handing out many other benefits to anak Selangor. In addition to Tabung Jasamu, senior citizens (above 60 years) can register for Takaful coverage. Insurance payment will be paid upon death. (Dad missed out on this as he was not registered / insured). Then there are aids for single mother, newborn, undergraduates etc. No sure if there's any aid for being a toyol! Check out the website for more information. Can also contact this no 03-55447450 or 55447000.

Now everyone wants to be anak Selangor!


Kayage said...

bro, new borns where the parents are not anak selangor how aahh?.. dapat tak sedekah?.. hahaha..

CheeWee said...

Tengok la website or call. Expect different answers fr different sources. (The warlords!)But if terms & conditions stated clearly, stand yr ground! i believe if can prove u r resident for x number of yrs with sgor address like yr case, shld stand a chance.. good luck la..