Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Last week, the Health Ministry stated that every month, at least five doctors are found to be suffering from mental illnesses. This is a very worrying statistic. I believe with the crazy workload at the public hospital, it is the perfect tonic to go mad.

Many top students chose to study medicine although not all had the qualities to be doctors. Besides the long hours with added pressure, doctors have to put up with unhappy faces and deaths.

Personally I have seen some of these doctors in action for the past year. I am not qualified to comment on the technical aspects but I do have my thoughts on some of their inter-personal skills. Although I do empathize with them, they have to realize that the ‘customers’ are becoming more demanding and ‘educated’. They are no longer there just to save lives but be an all rounder and take the rap especially during the ‘no hope’ situation. They have to wear various hats, and act as counselor, messenger and are the perfect fall guy! No wonder they are sick!

Alternatively, those who do not have the aptitude to be a doctor, take up nursing. There is a huge demand for nurses and currently, a fresh diploma holder could command close to RM2,000 per month. After a couple of years experience, the Sheikh oil money could be tempting! Apparently, many Filipino doctors are retraining to be nurses and head to US as the wages as nurses are much higher than staying home as a doctor!

Perhaps, being a financial guru or accountant is a safer bet! Less chances of being ‘kuku. Instead of seeing blood and death bodies, get to see figures and count other people’s money!


Kayage said...

lol!! the danger of seeing too much figures is that you eyes could possibly roll 180 degrees back, making u figures blind.. :P

i always thought that a doctor profession is higher than a nursing, thus, whilst you need a medical degree to be a doctor, a doctor can revert to nursing with a single diploma or something only.. is this not true?..

CheeWee said...

i spoke to a doctor. She confirmed doctor is not trained to do nursing! Doctor can enroll in a nursing program & train to be a nurse!