Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obituary II

Exactly 2 months (3 October) after losing her husband, mom lost her mom, i.e. my grandmom at 4.50pm, due to old age. Grandma was 84. She did not fully recover from an infection two weeks ago but up to that moment, she was still an alert lady who could still move around the house on her own.

Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, she led a full life, leaving behind 8 children (plus 4 deceased), 34 grandchildren and >20 great grandchildren. She was a lovely and caring lady who raised the family well. An independence and mentally strong lady who passed down these traits to many of us including mom and myself.

She never fail to amaze me with her resourcefulness and up till today, I will get goose bumps just by the sheer mention on how she single-handedly delivered her own children (including my mom!) at home! When she went into labour, she would boil water.. and the rest is history.. No first class medical facilities with top notch pain killers with the services of renowned gynaecology!

Note : Grandpa passed away in 1989. Grandma will be buried next to him this Sunday!

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Kayage said...

bro, my condolences to your mom, your family and you...