Friday, January 16, 2009

Be Happy

Be happy right here, right now. Be thankful with what we have instead of moaning about what we lack. Be satisfied with what we have when we are in pursuit of what we want. Be thankful every day for simple but important things such as healthy body, a job, family and friends. Even grateful for the fact that we have time to moan and complain because that means we are not starving or too sick to do that.

Happiness is a choice we make every day. This is the best kept secret – our conscious decision to be happy. We choose to be happy or miserable. Our action or reaction is determined by how we choose to perceive a situation. Happy people realize that bad things happen and instead of getting upset and react badly towards a situation, we take stock of our emotions and keep them in check. Make an effort to stay happy no matter what.

Happiness is to understand the things we can’t change and working on those we can. Some things are hard to change overnight. Happiness is about knowing and accepting that some things take more time and get encouraged with progress made.

We do not always get what we want in life and that is where disappointment and bitterness seep into our lives. It is not all about the destination. Journey matters too. It is how we learn to handle the disappointment and grow from it. In other words, we can’t control the world but we can certainly control ourselves.

Our happiness is our own responsibility. Sure the loved ones enhance it but ultimately we take stock of our own happiness.

Source – Andrew Mathews, the author of Being Happy. A value that many take for granted and poorly executed.

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Razali Razman said...

Well said...some people will complain about everything...if you feel the glass is always half will be empty too