Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Money Politics

Transparency International-Malaysia has launched a project called “Money In Politics, People’s Concern” to encourage transparency and accountability in the financing of political parties, especially during elections. The project would research existing legislation and evaluate actual local and foreign financing of political parties.

We are aware that during elections, all political parties seemed to have ample money to spend. We know that money does not grow from trees and obviously there are many willing and even unwilling (in local term – ‘kena pow’) ‘sponsors’ out there. Some of the likely sources could be the deserved and undeserved individual Datuks (maybe Datuk Shah Rukh Khan or Datuk Lee Chong Wei had to chip in during the just concluded KT by election?), the cronies who benefited from the awards of contracts (payback time?) and foreigners who wanted to have their puppet masters (Wanted : Deputy Sheriff?).

We sincerely hope the above question marks will be answered in this project.

I scratch your back, you scratch my back. Now you know why there are handing out Datukship so freely! No free lunch baby!

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