Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 Sales Slip Up!

1) No Empathy
Most salesmen get caught up in own needs – meet the quota make the commission - that they do not feel the customers’ pain. E.g. currently, most customers might find it hard to justify purchasing luxurious items. However if they could manage where it hurts and bring the feel good factor to the customers, everything goes!

2) The Goal – Make Money
Money should not be the goal. Strive to be the best in your field. Make that the goal and the money will come.

3) Just a Job
Selling should be your life, not just a job. Have passion. Never stop selling. Otherwise quit now!

4) Down and Upset
Always be happy even though the doors are slammed in the face. Rejection inspires to greater heights. Getting upset bring you down.

5) Unprepared
Do your homework. Prepare your presentation. Arrive before the agreed time.

6) Over Prepared
Be prepared does not mean following a script, which will make you seem wooden (kayu)! Rehearse and improvise instead of memorize!

7) Treat Customers As Adults
Many customers do not buy based on logic and intelligence. Deep down, many buy based on impulse and rationalize like teenagers! They want excitement and status. E.g. they will still buy the latest Ferrari even though they hardly drive the 3 that are parked in the garage.

8) Don’t Believe in the Products
If you are having trouble to use and believe in the products, quit now!

9) Neglect the Relationship
Build the relationship. Convert the customers to friends. Better the devil you know that the angel you do not know!

10) We Are Basically Reptiles
The most important part of our brain has embedded animal instincts of survival and reproduction. Sing together in karaoke, swing together in golf course etc will assist in satisfying these instincts.

Modified from article written by Dr. G.Clotaire Rapaille, Fortune Sept 29, 2008

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