Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't You Cry!

“Acceptance does not mean being weak and allowing people to push us around. It means being strong enough to accept that we cannot alter everything to suit us and it does make our life easier by getting rid of those futile feelings of wanting to change everyone and everything” - Anonymous

When factory supervisor Anusia heard that all employees had to abide by drastic cost-cutting measures, she knew that her employer of 12 years had not been spared from the dreadful global financial crunch. Since December last year, the Japanese company manufacturing hard disk drives had sent 600 foreign workers back and cut the salaries of the local workers by 20%. This month, they work only 11 days. That has shrunk Anusia’s income by at least half.

“The situation is really bad. Orders have dropped by 50% and are still dipping. We are constantly reminded to be prepared as we have to leave if things get worse. If the company shuts down, more than 1,000 will lose their jobs”.
Anusia has indeed prepared well. She is ready to face the possible perilous days ahead.

“After paying off the monthly commitments like car and house instalments and insurance, I have only RM100 left. How can I ever survive with that?”
Instead of being a cry baby and feeling sorry, she took a bold step into an unchartered territory. She joined a direct-selling company. What started as just a source of extra revenue during her free time has become a financial cushion in trying times. She uses the extra days off to do more sales. She sees the impending retrenchment as a turning point in her life that would propel her into a more exciting and lucrative career in marketing.

“I am glad that I am mentally and physically prepared for the worst. You have to work something out. Everybody can do it. You just need the determination and enthusiasm. Your relatives may help when you are jobless for the first few weeks, but you can’t keep on asking help from them. You have to stand up to help yourself.”

Well done Anusia. Take a leaf from her. Those who are in the same predicament, just do it – Everybody can do it. Explore the alternative jobs like direct selling, selling unit trust, insurance etc (that are legal!). It could indeed be a lucrative career!

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