Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ugly Vegetarian Albino

Once upon a time, there lived an ugly albino who had a kind heart. He was a vegetarian. He was in love with Dino. Huh? Did I get your attention?

The power of storytelling is something that we fully understood and enjoyed as children, but somehow forgot as we grew older.

Our brain waves would change during a presentation when the presenter says the magic words, "Let me tell you a story..." Those that are about to doze off would be jolted. Unconsciously, bodies lean forward, ears prick up, and attention levels jump.

We seldom remember key points stated as stark, bare facts. But we do remember stories and the powerful principles and messages that are subtly embedded inside them.

This awesome power of storytelling is something that we can harness to advance our own career and even social life. However please do not overdo it until the extent of bullshitting!


Kayage said...

bro, ur article reminds me of one of our dear brother we meet weekly.. :P

CheeWee said...

which part that is associated with him? the ugly part or the bull part? ha!ha!ha!

Kayage said...

the bull part lah ofcourse... haha!!