Friday, April 24, 2009

What Is Life?

Life is suffering, impermanence. Acknowledge it.

We work hard, piling long hours in our workplace for a more comfortable life and to fulfill our responsibilities and commitments. Along the way, we sacrifice and neglect many things notably our health. We start to take things for granted. The pace of changes in the dog eats dog society could make us worse off, as we try to keep pace with the Joneses.

We should start being pro-active in softening the uncertainty. Try to manage and ride through the obstacles and turmoil as part and parcel of life. Set the direction and noting that death is certain. We could prevent more headaches and suffering by practicing our religion diligently. Keep the good moral conduct, be moderate and train the mind.

As we could not totally eradicate the suffering, try out these prescriptions : save a portion of our hard earned money, take up a life insurance scheme, draw up a wills and practice harder.

If we are diagnosed with a serious ailment, we could not command a demanding job. Think about the existing financial commitments and medical expenses. If our properties are damaged, we might need to replace urgently. If we are gone from the present life, who is going to feed our loved ones, who are not getting any younger.

By going along with the nature of life, we would not be easily shaken and disturbed emotionally and spiritually. By having financial planning, we would protect ourselves physically and materially.

Prevention is better than cure. We need loads of commitment and total involvement to lessen the suffering. Undeniable, the ultimate solution is to be free from this vicious cycle!

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