Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Wesak

“Health is the highest gain. Contentment is the greatest wealth”

“Contentment is the quality of being able to do with what little we have.” ~ The Buddha ~

Contentment is the greatest possession in life. If one have everything but not able to be contented in life, one would not be able to find the real happiness.

A contented person is one who do not have excessiveness, who is self-restrain, who practices simplicity, who is easily satisfy and happy. Being able to do with whatever he has while seeking for better wealth. He would also know how to enjoy what we presently have.

Contentment doesn’t mean being passive or negative. We know we could not have everything in this life. There is no end in one effort in seeking wealth. Contentment measure not how much we have in life but rather how we perceive life.
The opposite side of contentment are greed, jealousy, dissatisfaction, obsession, excessiveness and etc.

Once there lives a simple and joyful poor fisherman. One day as he was walking on the beach, he found a treasure box that consists of 99 gold bars. He was so happy with the discovery. He became the richest and the famous man in the village. One day he became very sad. His friend asked him what make him unhappy. He said “How nice if I can have the missing gold bar to make it 100.”

We always look at what others have that we don’t. We should look at what we have that others don’t. Happiness that comes from comparison (competition) and recognition is not a true happiness. They are just “Egoism.” True happiness comes from simplicity. The more you have in life, the more problems you are expected to face. Know what you want, how much you really need and be happy with what you get.

Do not be influence with obsession. Know where you stand, your ability and capacity. Know where you stand in relation to betterment in life.

In life, there are a lot of beautiful things lying there. There is no harm if we just admire the beauty in life and just go on with life. We should not let these beauties of life create strong desire to gain more. Just walk on. Sometimes even if we could afford to buy it we should considered, is it a necessity in life or just wants to possess it?

Happy Wesak

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