Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Types of Scam

1) Animal vaccine:
These vaccines are ostensibly for farmers to use on their animals to help them breed faster. The demonstrations conducted by the con men are so convincing that the victims do not hesitate to buy the “magic vaccine” despite its high price.

2) Currency exchange:
Customers are offered extraordinary rates when they want to convert their money.

3) Inheritance:
Syndicates would use seemingly authentic documents to assure their victims that a great grandfather or close relative had died, leaving tons of money without an heir.
The victims are told that they would be charged a service fee and that they would then have a share of the riches. Once the money is paid out to the fraudster, he would disappear.

4) Parcel delivery:
Professionals such as lecturers and executives who surf the Internet frequently are often the victims. After befriending the victims through online chats, the conman would send them a parcel purportedly containing a “gift” such as a laptop, a watch or even jewelery.

Victims are told that the parcel had been held up by Customs, so they must pay a processing fee to retrieve the parcel. Once the fee is banked into a local bank account, there would still be no sign of the parcel.

5) Job offers:
Foreigners are dangled job positions in Malaysian hotels, multinational companies and telecommunication firms with promises of good salaries. All the dealings are done via Internet. They would be asked to pay for “visas” and “work permit fees”.

6) Lotteries:
Victims are told that through their email addresses, they have been selected as lottery winners where the prizes come in US dollars or pound sterling. To get the money, the victim has to be a member of a club and would be asked to pay very high membership fees.

7) Jewellery:
A syndicate would offer to sell gold in a form known as “granules”. The dealings often take place in hotel rooms where victims would be shown the genuine stuff initially but they would later discover that all they got is just a packet of metal powder.

8) “Bomoh”:
This usually involves celebrities and the wealthy who are eager to double their riches. The syndicate would use a piece of yellow cloth, a candle and the Quran, besides chantings. Victims are persuaded to leave a certain amount of money inside a bag. The are not allowed to open it until a specific time. Later, they would discover that all the money inside the bag had been quietly taken out and replaced with paper.

9) Credit card:
The suspects would use forged credit cards to settle their purchases at shopping malls, then reselling the items at a higher price later.

10) Drug-dealing:
Local women are made use of to smuggle drugs out of the country in exchange for jobs overseas.


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