Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alive & Kicking in Mumbai

Landed in wrong part of Mumbai. Partner is based in Navi (new) Mumbai not the Bollywood end of Mumbai. Additionally, being holed up in office working with Sanjay, Sandeep and Sunil. So there is no way of celebrity sighting. Aiyah!

Food wise - superb. Have my fair share of briyani, mutton, roti, curry, tea, aftermint etc.

It is monsoon season (June to August), so it has been raining every now and then. Traffic is terrible. As a metropolitan, obviously it is huge, so travelling from 1 office to another take more than an hour. KL traffic is nothing!

Lots of cricket coverage on TV. At last count, yesterday night, there was 4 channels showing cricket matches. Cricket is like a religion here. The players are multi millionaire and demi-god. Exactly 25 years ago (1983) today, India won its only cricket World Cup in England. In the press and TV, there were so many coverages and footages on the historic triumph.

India was not among the favourites and against all odds, the great West Indies team was beaten in the final. This victory changed the landscape of the cricket scene in India, forever!

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