Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain & Sodomy

Ole!Ole! Espana. BMW! Best Man Wins, or in this case best team wins. They truly deserved to lift Euro 2008. No more doing a Greece! Now, what am I watching till mid August? Wimbledon? Nay, perhaps monitoring the local politic scene is a better choice, as it enters the knockout stage.

Same old game called sodomy! As a spectator, can't do much but just hoping the final is not drag into August, as not to distract the new footie season. Good thing is that no need to wake up in the wee hours. Just keep our fingers cross, it's a fair game, even though fiery tackles and play acting are cropping up. Not too sure how long the referee is going to keep the red card.

Hope everyone embrace the ethos RESPECT. BMW!

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