Monday, June 30, 2008

Mumbai - Wee-kipedia

Mumbai is the largest city in India. It is the 2nd most populous city behind Shanghai. Along with suburbs of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it has a population of 19 million. It is a commercial and entertainment hub of India. It contributes 5% of India GDP.

Did not get the chance to visit the proper Mumbai as the business contact was based in Navi (new) Mumbai. However on the last day, few hours before the flight, managed to visit the Film City. No access to any indoor filming (inside some warehouse type buildings) but managed to witness the construction of a fortress (pic, left). According to the worker, it's for a TV serial, a Ramayana based ancient war epic!

At the edge of the Film City, captured the signage "Leopards Territory". The local said the leopards will be out roaming from 12 midnite to 6 am. He even showed us the rocky area where the leopards supposedly 'lepak'. Not sure if our beastly Mat Rempits get their cues from these beasts!

Public transport is a plenty. Local rickshaws (pic, right), taxis, buses, trains etc are everywhere. The drivers who horn the loudest get the right of the way! Yes, everyone horns. Horn at the junction, horn before overtaking, horn to get the other motorists to give way!

Managed to get some Punjabi suits and leather handbags for the wife. Not forgetting her fav fruit, mango. She is grinning from ear to ear, till today! Now, she is keeping her fingers cross that I travel there more often! She has already started compiling the colours and shapes of future purchases!

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