Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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The sign o' times. Kids are growing up playing PS2 and surfing Internet. Whereas we grew up banging in goals! Without fail, after school, I would bring myself to the nearby field and chased after the ball. No equipment, no boots. Bare footed with lots of energy to burn. No Astro to show Match of the Week but gladly glued to the TV every Saturday to watch Big League Soccer and Football Made in Germany.

It was glory days for Liverpool FC and obviously everyone loves a winner! My idol was Ian Rush, the number 9, the striker who banged in goals for fun! Once we were more organised and started forming team to take part in competitions, we got ourselves jerseys. Number 9 is mine o' mine. Of course, it was good to dream - that one day, I would sign professional paper with Liverpool FC. Dream on, brader! Maybe next life!

As I got older, somehow the lungs could not take in that much air, thus re-invented myself as a defender. Time to be number 5. Not much off the ball running was needed, just needed to clear the ball out of sight or kicked the strikers! Pretty easy, huh!

However for the past 2 years, been enjoying the number 10 role, playing in the middle of the park, harassing the opponents and dictating play. It was not that my stamina improved, but others were worse off. Blame it on the haze, beer, fags, Internet, stress, wives, in laws and all the jazz. Except ourselves for not taking care of our body and health!

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