Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Money No' Enough

Money $ Money $ Money. How much do we need to survive in the present condition? Personally the biggest chunk of the monthly take home goes to pay the banks. (Interesting, they are well known to take away our umbrella when it rains!).

Since young, this equation was embedded into us. Incomes - Expenses = Savings. We started to save our angpow $$$ but still could not be rich :( Eureka! only recently, started to think out of the box and adjusted the equation. Incomes - Savings = Expenses. Still not rich but definitely heading towards the correct direction. How does it work? Before paying the expenses, pay ourselves first. Set aside a certain amount into a separate account or an investment plan. Then only spend the balance. (As compare to pay the expenses first, then whatever balance is the savings). Impossible?

Nothing is impossible. Let us start small, e.g. RM30 per month. RM1 per day. Reduce a cup of teh tarik or 2 sticks of fags? (maybe boycott and don't buy the mainstream paper is the better cost savings). Now it looks achievable! Eventually increase this amount to RM100, RM500, RM1,000 and up up and away. Is that all? What do we do with savings? Now the harder part, to accumulate wealth and let the money works hard. The rule of thumb is to diversify. Read, talk to people and explore about investment in shares, real estate & properties, unit trusts, golds, fixed incomes etc.

Just do it. It is never too young or too late to start saving for your retirement age or for your children education. Towards Financial Freedom!

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