Monday, June 2, 2008

High n Low

After the high of meeting up with fellow Victorians in the school and playing some great football yesterday, was real disappointed to read in today's MSM, a fellow mate, who heads the education bureau of a fading politician party, uttering some nonsense regarding distribution of scholarship. This matter will crop up every year around this time of the year and for everyone's sake, do the necessary to stop the brain drain and stop making it a mess.. enough of the low..

VIOBA Inter Batch Mokhtar Dahari Challenge Shield - that was the 7 a seven football tourney that we took part in. We managed to defend the champions title in the Veteran League (35 yrs old n >). We were so strong that we decided to field 2 teams.. n as predicted, it was all 88 final in the end. Defeated Batch 90 (the youngest), 87, 81 and 83 along the way. The icing on the cake was our captain, Jeffrie was chosen as the Best Player/MVP

At the end of the evening, Paul of Batch 81, called for the continued support for this tourney, as he flew in from India, without fail for the past few years.. That's the VI spirit! & dont us let down our fellow Victorian, the late Mokhtar, who is still the best Malaysian player. ( At this rate, dont think our national team could produce another legend in my living years!)

We really hope to play on till our heart could not take it! 20 years ago, the boys were the KL age group champs. At the present moment, the skills are still there although heavier on the tummy and lighter on the head! Will be back to defend the title!


hoeyin said...

Bro... OK your turn to write tons of nonsense now that jeff & tony have found real job....

Yusof said...

omg!what excruciating pain and terrible body aches I had the whole day y'day but it was all bloody worth it!! I popped at least half a dozen muscle & joint pain panadols and still struggling to wake up this Tuesday morning. Nak kena amik steroid baru jalan kot! btw, it was all "predicted" 88 finals eh? *wink2* hehehe .. It was actually all your doings la bro, with the overlaps and dashing runs, and that fantastic goals you scored. Well done la bro! Please continue with your postings, I enjoyed reading them. Some pictures would be nice too :))) Cheers!