Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's lunch time. Knew many people who have big problems in deciding what to eat during lunch! As for me, the usual stuff if I am in the office. Will walk to the banana leaf restaurant, indulge in my rice kasi banjir, tenggiri fish either fried or curry, vege n papadam! Have even build relationship with the Indian workers who hail from Chennai! (When are they hiring China dolls to serve in these restaurants? he!he!). What makes us click? Just mentioned the names of their cricket heroes like Tendulkar, Dravid etc and how they are faring against Pakistan - they are your friends for life. Talking about cricket, half the people I met are clueless about cricket. The only cricket they know is the insect that goes crickey! I learnt to play this game in 1986 in VI. My football kakis in the neighbourhood were into it, playing for a rival school, Setapak High. Decided to give it a try and played against them annually in KL School meets. Not too bad, at least do not have butter fingers - quite an agile fielder and on most occasions, the ball got stuck in my hands! Went all the way to represent KL age groups -Under 20 and Under 23.

Well, the first love is still football. Was not good enough to represent my beloved VI team - in fact went for selection for 2 years but was not good enough. Period. The lack of size also contributed to it! Stuck at 5'2'' for many years but somehow managed to outgrow most of them. Had a good laugh when 1 of the footie mate, Zul (have not met since 88) commented. "Tingginya engkau!"

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