Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fast and Furious

Drop a few lines before hitting the road (with the help of tulip!) The posts are coming fast and furious. Like a toddler exploring a new toy!

About on the road - welcome the ruling on rear seat belts and await the ruling on fuel subsidy. Maybe 1 way to save on fuel is to car pool. Additional benefit - can spend quality family times while getting struck in KL jam! Daughter started Primary 1 this year and with this, start to hit the road before 6.45am during school days. Next destination is to parents' place (6 km away) to leave son there. City centre here I come, with beloved wife and finally, me alone heading towards PJ. All in all, slightly more than 2 hrs on road before I have my caffeine! (No wonder still skinny!) The reverse order happens after office hours. (Anyone need a member for Treasure Hunt?)

On the family bonding via carpool, seriously it works. Catch up with wife in the car while tuning in to LiteRadio on the day happenings. Once with the kids, all attention i.e 110% to the kids. Few hours later, it's time to hit the sack.

1 of the best decisions we ever made was to buy our own place nearby our folks'. The support system really come in handy. Pity them though, after raising us, gotta raise the grandchildren. Thank you folks, especially mom for being a supermom!

pic - feeding inside the car!

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