Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The only meaning of Cancer in the schooling days is to look up at the daily horoscope section beside the comic strips of The Star. Last few years, Cancer took a different meaning i.e. life sentence. Visited a dying young and recently married lady of an associate at the turn of the century who went through the horror of chemotherapy. She must had gone through a lot of pain as her complexion and outlook was totally different. Few years later i.e. 2003, we lost a friend due to brain tumour. He was a year old than me. Left behind a widow and 2 young kids.

End of October 2007. After biopsy result was out, the worse fear was confirmed. Dad was diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer. No denial, no anger. Dad was a heavy 20-40 sticks a day, you named it, Winston, Dunhill, Perilly etc smoker in his heyday. Mom was cool. Me as the eldest had to act cool too. Briefed the siblings and relatives on how to be cool!

Fast forward June 2008, dad is resting at home surfing Astro channels. (Unfortunately he is not a sports fan, so no sports programs at folks' place)! Personally I have set small milestones for him. Was very happy that he managed to celebrate the recent Chinese New Year. Next one should be to celebrate my boy's 1st birthday next week.

I started exploring hospice services. Took a crash course on basic care from Kasih Hospice ( For a start, a nurse came to do home visit. For the past 2 months, dad has been visiting Hospice Malaysia every Tuesday. It is a good arrangement as he gets to venture out of the house to do some therapy and mix around, and for mom, the caregiver, it is a good rest! (

Thank you hospice volunteers and staffs for the selfless service. Life is Uncertain but Death is Certain!

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Intan said...

Feel sad to hear that your dad has lung cancer.Like what u said, life is certain.At this stage,u need to guide him to face the death peacefully.The book 'many lives many master' by Brian Weiss is strongly recommended by my Di zi Gui teacher.He said dying is just like changing cloth.
That day attended talk by Ray Kent.He suggest cancer patient to take juice (carrot, beet root and celery)every hourly.U may go for his website for details.
Will to live also can prolong a life.
Guo Ling qi gong is good to fight cancer too.