Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organ Donation

Not asking you to donate the musical instrument left rotting in your store room to Szechuan disaster fund! Yes the other organ. Your body parts i.e. eyes, kidneys, liver etc. Check out this website

Just register and pledge your organ. They will do the rest. You would not feel any pain. With this fuel hike, government ask us to change our lifestyle, so 'why are we waiting'? Just Do It.

Just imagine - your eyes could give sights to a beautiful girl or to a boy who then can set his eyes on beautiful girls!.. Your kidneys, perhaps to 2 middle aged ladies who could give birth to more beautiful girls.. Need more convincing? Harimau tinggalkan belang, so let us tinggalkan organ! macam- macam organ!

Giving will reduce greed!

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