Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We are born with 2 certificates i.e. birth and death certificates. Everyone has at least these 2 papers, so the additional papers chase is bonus!

We have read and heard who's who been struck with Denggi and rather fortunately to recover fully but rather unfortunately to continue to live this suffering life! We also have this it will not happen to me kinda attitude. From zero fatality, suddenly Denggi took away 3 lives of people whom I know in 2007.

My lovely cousin who was planning to start a family left us. An Indian grandma neighbour lost her battle after weeks in ICU and a Malay colleague's brother went back to the Maker. All in 2007. So what's this nonsense on the fight for this quota and that quota? After all, once we are given the birth certificate, we are just awaiting to graduate and receive our death certificate!

What is all these ego trips? (In fact, this blogging trip is part of my ego trip! he!he!).. We could not abolish but try to make an effort to reduce these trips.

I have a problem here. I do not KILL. Not even a mosquito. So how? No issue, prevention is better than cure. So reduce in materials chase. Buy less things, keep less stuffs and thus reduce the breeding ground. Killing 2 birds with a stone? (pun intended)

So remember, live present, forget about the past and let the future worries itself. Enjoy the campus life before we graduate!

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