Thursday, June 5, 2008


It's not my CGPA. I can definitely do better than that. Shahrir, is that your best shot? C'mon, you can do better- aim for the perfect 4. 2 dot 7 per litre. Don't u cry. Don't whine. Reality bites.

Move on, how do we balance the book? Those jokers said change lifestyle. Change what? Tell my daughter she is not attending piano classes? Tell my mom she is not getting the dough to buy dough? Reduce expenses! Wait a minute, there is another part of the equation. Increase income! Yes there is hope after all. Increase our credit balances. Change out mindset. Don't have the notion that we can only have A source of income. There are such things as other income and investment income in the P&L.

Part time job? Maybe. But wait, how about the money in the bank? Is it working hard enough? At this rate, the lifestyle inflation is going double figure. We are effectively losing money. So for a start, explore the possibility of using our savings to balance the book. Money makes money. Check out the Bursa! Talk to the real estate agent on property investment. Trust the financial planner on mutual fund. Start reading, start exploring. By sitting there, complaining does not balance the book. Reality sucks, baby.

Buying Toto, pursuing Tikam or trying luck up the hill do not count!

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hoeyin said...

Bro... I did a totally senseless calculation. Based on my current mileage and with the RM625 rebate per year, my petrol price is about RM2.35 per litre... within my earlier expectation of 40 to 50 sen increase...

Sharir, you need an assistant???