Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monsters in Law?

Meet my parents in law! Mr and Mrs Lee. Are they the monsters in law, ooph! parents in law as portrayed on TV? Let us check it out.

Mr and Mrs Lee hail from Penang. The typical Penangites. Shop for bargains in Lorong Kulit. Frequent the Air Itam wet market. Love their laksa and nasi kandar. Vote for Gerakan all these years! (Not too sure if they have access to RPK's blog this time around!)

Mr and Mrs Lee come to visit their daughter and grandchildren in KL frequently. The daughter is all excited on the day the parents check in. (It's like Liverpool winning the cup!). Probably due to aging process, Mr Lee and Mrs Lee do not like surprises. Mr Lee like a day out in the city centre. However Mrs Lee prefer to stay at home, just give her the Astro remote control, she will be fine. Mr and Mrs Lee love to visit Pasar Malam.

When we are back from work, the food is ready on the table. The laundry is striking clean stored in the wardrobe. Pretty mundane stuff? Yeah, baby - but the son in law is happy as he can raise his feet up, not doing the household chores during these visits!!

Thank you pa and ma. You folks deserve a break after all the struggles to raise the kids. They have turned up well. Go and visit them and the grandchildren in KL, Kuching, Singapore and Macao. (Collected more brownie points, baby!)


Tracy Tan said...

blogging can be addictive :)

DR said...

Lucky to have monster cookies as your in law!