Friday, June 6, 2008

KKK 666

KK Kam celebrates his birthday every 6 June. Ain't no white supremacist (he is yellow anyway) and ain't no devil! He is my childhood friend. In the Air Panas kampung (yes, we do have hot water spurting from the ground - how we wish it is hot oil!), we played football, looked for spiders behind the bushes, swam in the drain (those days the water looked clean!) etc.

In college, draped with Nirvana t-shirt, long hair and fag in the mouth, consistent with the Seattle inspired grunge era, he was the anti social king. Fast forward, consistent with the BN inspired flip flop era, he is eking a living and just like you and me, wondering what is in store for our kids! Happy Birthday buddy!

12 June. No devil number here but still worth mentioning. My life partner celebrates her birthday on this date. Since last year this date is even more meaningful! My son, was born! yes, mom and son shares the same birthday. (Good news for me cause that make it 1 less date to remember!) Blame it or should it be credit to the doctor?

Past few years, most of the arrival of storks courtesy of mid 30 and above moms have always been through C-section. Make us wonder why? Either those doctors are taking the easy way out or there are so many lembik moms that are in real danger! (this topic will be reserved for another day). This 2nd pregnancy fell into this category. Doctor recommended 11 June to go under the knife. 12 June sounded nicer, doc! To make it 3's Company, sister's son, i.e. nephew too popped out on 12 June, 9 year ago.

9 July. That's my birthday. Do not know anyone sharing the same birthday until reading about Steve Coppell, a Scouser footballer, who was rejected by the Reds, who at the time was playing for the devils (the team name should never appear on this blog!) The same lad that is now managing Reading! Then in 1989, new batch of students joined us in Sixth Former and viola, found a new found mate who shares the same birthday. And 2 days ago, another VI mate flagged me via Facebook, that he too popped out on 9 July, 37 years ago!

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