Friday, June 6, 2008

Euro 2008 - Let Do A Greece?

The next major football tourney is here, starting this weekend. Let get it started. Need the fix after end of EPL. All wives and girlfriends please be understanding. Football is more than life and death.

Who is going to win? The usual suspects are the favourites. Germany with their discipline and Octoberfest powers, Italy with their Armani suits and Mafia looks, France with their cheese and wine diets, Holland with their orange blinders and total football and my favourite, Spain with their Liverpool influenced armada!

Dark horses? Maybe Croatia, Czech and Turkey. C'mon Torres, go get the Golden Shoes!

That's the end. Wait! How come no words on England? How can a football article without mentioning the 3 Lions, so called creators of this beautiful game? Sorry, I don't miss them. They are overrated. Give me Russia, anytime! & don't listen to Shebby!

Anyone fancy making money to offset the 2.70?