Monday, July 7, 2008

The African Attraction

METRO AHAD front-paged a report about African men said to possess “better qualities” which local women find very attractive. Among the qualities appreciated by local Malay women who have dated the men were their smooth sweet talk, gentlemanly demeanour, open-mindedness and patience.

Wow wow wow. Is this is gonna be the next time bomb? Only 2 weeks back, a lady friend had commented that it's a fact that local women had been charmed by the African lads, especially in the campuses. (suddenly can't think of other words -'charmed'. Aiyah blogger's block! Anyone that can help?) There were fights reported too with the local lads.

Personally, nothing against them. No good to stereotype. The ladies have to judge themselves and make their own decisions. Perhaps it's true that 'Love is Blind'. If that's the case, hope for a good ending - And they live happily ever after.

pic - we could, set the night to music!

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Center Parted said...

"Enchanted" perhaps?