Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Contentment Is A Bliss

India. Cambodia. Just to name 2 countries that you should visit for a change. Health warning -might not be suitable for the faint-hearted! Unless you are a hardened traveller or war veteran, chances are you will be moved by some of the happenings.

In Mumbai, the haves and have-nots are in a totally different world even though they are in the same city. Many migrants from the rural areas ventured into the city to seek greener pasture. Some would make it, while some would live hand to mouth. Few scenes moved me. One was this girl, who was slightly older than my girl, came over to our car, which stopped at the traffic light, in a slight drizzle. She was asking for some 'dough'. Hey, why was she not in school! (This remind me of the alleged child labours that are rampant in these countries).

Another scene, this family was practically living under a highway flyover. A naked toddler was seen running around, probably growing up labelling that dangerous area as his playground while the mom was busy preparing some food.

Just pray that they will be the next rag to riches stories. The next Bollywood diva and superstar cricketer respectively. There are many more humbling encounters that should make us ashamed of our 'lifestyle' and wastage attitude. Things that we took for granted and thought the world owed us a living! Wake up fellow human beings. Be content. When feeling down and out, remind ourselves 'at least we are still alive' to rectify ourselves and the only way is up. Bring ourselves out of the depression and count on fellow family members and friends.

Wow, so serious. A lighter note. Why do they change Bombay to Mumbai? It was politically incorrect to Bom d Bay post 911 but sounded cuter to Mum d Bai. He!he! Was it original? Anyway thousand apologies if it offended anyone.

pic - not the naked toddler la. Captured in cambodia few years back. The tongkang was 'home' and 'playground'. The kids looked so contented, waving at us. So stop complaining about low water pressure, blackout, hot weather etc.

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