Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me Myself & I

Me blog survived month 1.

There was an interesting article on The Star, Monday highlighting the needs to juggle 2 jobs to make ends meet in Klang Valley. I am all for it if, only if, one could handle it 'well' and there is no conflict in term of competing products. Hats off to these minorities for being enterprising. Kudos to them for making full use of time and working hard in their prime years. Boo to the majorities who love to stay glued to the idiot box and bed or sip latte in the cafe.

It is even better if one does something that one is passionate about. In my teen years, I always dream about being a part time tour guide, bringing tourists to visit places especially eco-tourism, doing things like camping, hiking and caving. Other real life examples of the services being offered by friends are as photographer, sports coach, tutor, insurance agent, unit trust consultant, will writer, hawker and last but not least MLM 'irritator'. There is no shame as long as it is a legal trade and does not cause harm. Of course there will be sacrifices. All in all it is hard earned money!

A quote from the article “The extra money is definitely making my lifestyle more sustainable because having extra stable income every month makes it easier for us to plan our financial paths. Having extra cash always helps because you never know what will happen next,”

Me, myself and I is joining the bandwagon to build pipeline, to earn passive income, to share knowledge, to plan for retirement and to save for children education. Wanna join the ride?

Photo courtesy of HoeYin the semi pro photographer. Me hand in the photo. Anyone interested in his services or me as limbs model, can enquire inside.

p.s. next article will reveal me leg!

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Wesak day 2008.