Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Spot a Future Politician

Recently a telemarketer tried to sell an English course/program to my wife. After the initial introduction, the musketeer was getting uncomfortable and asked if they could converse in mother tongue! Huh? My wife could not wait to relate this story to me.

Aiyah! how la to sell if Malaysian English also cannot speak! Die la like that!

Trust me, this musketeer will graduate to become a politician puppeteer! Read on.

Our Tourism Minister launched Visit Malaysia Year programs after programs and lectured the citizens to take inbound holiday - Cuti-cuti Malaysia but would be seen holidaying everywhere except on our own shore!

Our Education Minister kept changing the education policies and charged that the policies are to create better leaders but would enroll his children in private and international schools.

Our Health Minister boasted that we have one of the best infrastructure with many brilliant specialists but would quietly go for his check up and operation overseas.

Now 1 plus 1 = 2, go figure out why I rate this chap a future politician!

pic - another politician in the making. For a start, he is learning how to pose as an orator and how to salivate!


Center Parted said...

For a while there I wanted to correct your English too... the 3 examples you were describing was about hypocrisy... but I then realized hypocrites and politicians usually mean the same thing. So I stand corrected!!!

hyin21 said...

Wa Ka Lu Kong La.... the English thingy he is trying to sell is to equip us to face the world challenge. We should always use mother tongue and also to encourage the younger generation to use it. Penang already worried that Hokkien will disappear ma... keke...