Monday, July 28, 2008

3 F Words

We are living in interesting times. In addition to the crazy political situation, many are having sleepless nights worrying about these 3 F words.

Fuel. Close to 2 months after the 41% increase, the whole supply chain is bleeding. Statistic is out - we are experiencing the highest inflation rate of 7.7% for nearly 3 decades. And it is rising! What are the reactions of the ordinary folks? Fewer cars and more motorcycles and public transports on the road. More home cooked meals! This led us to the second F word.

Food. In addition to pricier food due to higher cost of materials, there is the scarcity issue. Businessmen prefer to develop real property in the prime land and to plant cash crops in the agriculture land. How are we to survive? For a start, eat moderately! Don't over indulge, don't waste food! Eat to live.

Finance. The above higher cost of living factors are burning holes in our pockets. The global credit crunch and faltering confidence in the financial market, have caused our investment money to shrink! More bad news is expected when the interest rate is heading north! What to do? Start re-allocating the investment and budgeting the expenses. Defer nice to have spending! Ride out the storm! We can still continue to have Fun but don't be a 'Fool'!

pic - dad said times are bad. No $$ to buy me a shirt. Anyone wants to trade my duckie book with a clean shirt of any size?

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