Saturday, July 26, 2008

China, India & America

According to a recent US Network World report, a survey of Indian high tech graduates revealed that vast majority would rather remain in India than relocate to US, to pursue career opportunities. US is no longer the place to be for the high flying executives! Asia is the rising star, the home to some of the globe most dynamic economies. India and China, please stand up!

Even though the rise in rupee against USD has dented the margins of Indian firms, the analysts predicted that a US slowdown could translate into more outsourcing works to India. The last slowdown in 2001-02 proved benefical for Indian firms.

Meanwhile in China, there are hundreds of millions of people for whom modern technology and products are not yet a reality. they are the engine of growth for China economy for the next 30 years. The success over the next 3 decades will depend on those determined to go beyond the large cities and into the parts of the country where the majority of China 1.3 billion people live.

So why are we hanging around here? Perhaps the taste of nasi lemak and Penang laksa is more appealing than the dough!

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