Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cash Converters

Cash Converters is a global second hand goods franchise outlet. We visited the nearest outlet, next to Ampang Point and was impressed with the wide range of quality second hand goods at bargain prices.

On the second visit, just to 'try out the system' brought 2 items and sold them for RM20. Sold a set of unused dinner plates for RM15 and a baby warmer for RM5. Aha! these sales will not make us a millionaire but at least we found an 'avenue' or infrastructure to conduct our very own 'jumble sales' or 'clearance sales'. Most of us are 'guilty' of hoarding some stuffs in the store with the thought of using them once the existing ones are broken or to use them during special occasions. By the time we realised we had such items somewhere out there, these items were either no longer useful or 'out of fashion' or we simply outgrown them. Good example is the music CD collection. How many of you were big fans of New Kids on the Block, Tommy Page, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson in the 80s and now do not want anything to do with them!! He!He!He!

So the convenience way is to convert them into cash! Wasteful just to throw them away! Well, at least you did your part in 'recycling'. Who knows you might make their days - those who still love their 80 music and still having those posters in their rooms!

Another popular item is the electrical goods. Yeah, only Original CDs, no pirated copies!

pic - No you can't get this good looking car there!

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