Friday, July 4, 2008

No Shopping Day

Don't go shopping on 16 July. FOMCA urged us, the consumers, to think of our spending patterns and about their values in relation to the importance given to family and friends.

In the article, it stated “The time for cheaper fuel and foodstuff is over. Malaysians need to re-examine their lifestyle and make changes to the way they live to adapt to global challenges like increasing fuel prices,”

Some of the suggested positive measures :

· Packing lunches at home and having them at the office;

· Having more meals at home and eating out less;

· Reducing electricity consumption, such as reducing the amount of time the air-conditioner is switched on;

· Planning travel in advance;

· Using public transport more often;

· Buying only when necessary, and evaluating the needs versus the wants;

· Using energy-efficient equipment, like a front-loading washing machine rather than a top-loading one

So my friends, let us give it a try. Reduce and Recycle. Ladies, shop till you drop these few days, then sob till you pop on 16 July.

top pic - this is how 16 July gonna look like
bottom pic -choices of public transport - definitely not in KL!

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