Friday, July 4, 2008


Immediately after the end of the Euro 2008, proud English media proclaimed joy that the 3 Lions missed the boat. Blessing in disguise. Spare the blushes. Ha! Ha! They admitted the football was breathtaking. The overrated and overpaid Poms would be out of place. No running in circle, no chasing shadows. Even the referees were enjoying themselves without being chased and abused by the usual suspects! Less off-field antics too. No WAGs drama and no hooligans rampage.

Fans that are reading may disagree. No prob, let do a run-down vs Spain line up. In the goalie department, no way the calamity and overweight could provide safer hands. Defence - the absent minded who forgot to pee and cry baby referee harasser would probably warmed the bench. Midfield - Names like Downing and Huddlestone do not breed confidence. Striker - cry of " Torres! Villa!" would send shivers to the opposition! Compare to cry of "Crouch! Ouch! Defoe! Fold!".

Ok la. If they play 4-5-1 instead of the above 4-4-2, maybe Stevie G would make it to the team. He could feed Torres! Disagree? Feel free to comment! No need to use Statutory Declaration.

pic - the legendary Pele, has no problem walking into any team as he is still the best player. He just found the time machine and consumed lots of tempe. The lady is his agent, not the missus!

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