Thursday, August 7, 2008

RM45m City Overtime

That is the staggering amount of Kuala Lumpur City Hall overtime claims for 2007, as published in the local paper yesterday. It paid to 11,200 employees in 27 departments, averaging RM4,017 per employee. Major chunks were paid to staff in petty traders management, health & licensing and public works departments.

The mayor admitted the huge amount showed that there were some discrepancies i.e. poor management of the employees' schedules. He said that clocking long hours did not necessary mean that they were working! (Ooh! he just opened a can of worms! His staff will not like it and the union will 'manage' him!)

A task force will be set up to monitor the work schedules. (Brilliant idea - more overtime claims by the task force members but the best is yet to come). He added logically, if they were working overtime, there should not be any complaint against City Hall. There would be no illegal activities in the city and enforcement would have been carried out in a proper manner. (Genius 1+1 = 2, right baby! Mayor for PM!)

(Now come the icing on the cake). "Lately the public has doubted our ability, reliability and integrity. There have been lots of reports criticising City Hall and complaints keep piling up." (Huh? Lately? Either he was living in a shell for the past 2 decades or our integrity benchmark was bloody high! However hats off to him - at least he realised - whereas many more are still in self denial mode and playing the blame game!)

As the parting shot, he hoped that all employees will change their culture so that City Hall can work towards making Kuala Lumpur a world class city. (Broken records, same old scripts since I could read English!)

pic - My beloved Kuala Lumpur


Center Parted said...

Average of 4k per Cityhall employee? I don't know to be sad or disgusted.... probably both.

And they say our government servants are underpaid?!!

Won't be holding my breath for something to happen though... too much of a good thing they have going on there.

CheeWee said...

that's the official $$$.. the unofficial $$$? then now can do part time biz some more!! wow can earn more than private sector!! he!he!