Friday, August 8, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Unlock Your Leadership Potentials

The following story is based on Toastmaster, July 08 issue.

The trainer asked his audience :
"Did the Wright brothers ever quit" "No" shouted the trainees.
"Did Walt Disney ever quit" "No" the same reply.
"Did Lance Armstrong ever quit" " No" it got louder.
"Did Tom McKester ever quit". There was a confused silent. Finally a trainee asked "Who in the world is Tom McKester" Nobody heard of him.
The trainer nailed it " Of course you have never heard of him - that's because he quit!".

There is no mystery in leadership. Leaders are both born and made!

lesson #1 One simple and yet vital aspect of leadership is the ability to persevere.

Lesson #2 Be a good listener, don't just hear noises. Listen, add values and convey empathy.

Lesson #3 Maintain good attitude 247, even in very tough conditions.

Lesson #4 Go extra mile. Give more, do more, offer more.

Lesson #5 Be a problem solver not a problem spotter.

Lesson #6 Up, up and away concept. Strong leader adds values and lift people up. Live and let live. Not live and let die

Lesson #7 Give your all - total commitment. No half - half!

Lesson #8 Be open minded, like a beginner's mind

Lesson #9 Practice what you preach

Lesson #10 Pay it forward - make the world a better place for everyone

pic - 1st step taken - being born into this world, next step - to be made into a great leader! Second To None!

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