Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dive into Diversification

Most of us keep our hard earned money in fixed deposit or saving accounts (Trust the bankers - still don't know why?). When we have the little extra we might be tempted to indulge in property market. Many still do not consider alternative investment instruments like equity, bond, unit trust, gold and foreign currency. Are we simply just being ignorance or being risk averse?

EPF had stated that the forced saving will not be sufficient for our retirement. If we are solely dependent on it, we will surely be financial dependent! Start asking ourselves - Have we saved enough for the rainy days, children education and retirement? Has inflation escalated too fast that made our investment in the red? Yes, agreed that investment risk is high but the risk of not investing could be higher! The good news is that there are ways to manage the risk!

Many of us are risk averse. So it is not surprising that we prefer to invest in guarantee or capital protected products. However, by doing this, we have passed on the opportunity to earn better returns to the banks! The banks get the difference between what they pays out e.g. FD rate and what we could earn e.g. dividend and capital gain.

Start exploring the investment world. Adopt a diversification strategy. Start moderately with established providers. Happy Investing. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit!


Kayage said...

The bigger the risks the better the return. It all depends on ones acquired taste in managing ones money. That is what makes each of us different!

Some of us are risk takers, we invest in all high risk investments. Some of us aren't. So, we only put them cash in the bank.

I cannot agree more with what you mention above. It is never wise puting all your eggs in a basket. Best is to diverse ones investment in all industries.. Some in Banks, some in properties, some in capital market and some in unit trust.. not forgetting a little in KTM too (Kuda-Toto-Magnum lah...) Do not end up as a addict on this investment scheme though).. Who knows Choy-San (Not Choy Wai Mun) might end up deciding that it is your take on the 'kutu' collection this time round, ya?..


CheeWee said...

Bro, cayalah you were more diversified than me - got KTM n kutu! definitely many eggs in many baskets!

Kayage said...

Bro, kutu does not add income.. as you contributes, assumingly RM50 per head between 10 people, and every month, a person will get RM500.. zero sum game.. might as well just pocket the RM50 for 10 months and collect RM500 at the end of the 10th month..

Now, KTM is diff.. put in RM3 for a ticket (or RM1 for a 4-digit number) and if choy-san shines on you, you make instant $$$.. my personal opinion and preference is the RM3 option.. if you strike, you strike big time!! :P