Monday, September 15, 2008

Unit Trust Industry

Introduction to Unit Trust Industry

The local unit trust industry is vastly untapped. It is a multi billion Ringgit industry. In a period of just 15 years since 1992, the amount managed by private unit trust companies grew from a mere RM400 million to RM71 billion! (source: Lipper, 28 January 2008)

According to Securities Commission, in December 2007, the Malaysian unit trusts boasted 15.32% equity penetration rate. In comparison to the same period, the equity penetration rate for United Kingdom was 41.62%. (source: London Stock Exchange and Investment management Association, UK)

In December 1992, the Malaysian unit trusts equity penetration rate was merely 6.40%. This means that Malaysia's rate is low in comparison with more developed countries like the UK and Malaysia's ratio is rising rapidly.

Why would I want to be a Unit Trust Consultant?

Because YOU deserve to have a well-paid and fulfilling career in an industry that is enjoying explosive growth in Malaysia.
It is definitely a sunrise industry. It has evolved into a lucrative profession. Unlike traditional career with has limitations in terms of personal growth, income potential and time, it is the exact opposite.

Too many of us are frustrated at the prospect of squandering our best years on a 9 to 5 mundane job that is structurally incapable of giving us what we dream of most – personal and financial freedom. So why not take back the reins of your life. Why not, indeed!

Most of us are educated to pursue a traditional career in the corporate world. However in the current globalization and high technology driven climate, unit trust industry is fast becoming popular with the younger generations.

Resources that join the industry come from a broad range of backgrounds. There are those who graduated with first class degrees. There are also people who switch to this industry with totally unrelated work experiences. This industry is quite a versatile industry in terms of recruiting human capital. It is no longer the industry for people who can’t make a living elsewhere.

Young graduates and newcomers to the industry need not fear the lack of knowledge or understanding as ample training and opportunity is available. Training programs are held to educate product knowledge and to build or refine soft skills. Be assured that there will be guidance and support from mentors. Mentors will build their people to higher level. Mentors are ever ready to reach out, to nurture and guide you.

Today, an estimated 60% of associates are earning a five figure income monthly with job loads equal to those working in the financial investment houses. The different is the networks you build are your own and do not belong to the company.

How do I join?

You may join as a part timer and keep you regular job, before gradually turn into full time Unit Trust Consultant (UTC).

You must be above 21 years old and hold a SPM certificate in order for you to be registered to sit for the Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) conducted weekly by Federation of Malaysian Unit Trust Managers (FMUTM) in designated colleges all over Malaysia.

Upon passing the 2 hours computerized all multiple choice paper, you qualify as the licensed Unit Trust Consultant.

You will enjoy direct commissions from your personal and overriding sales, indirect commissions like year end bonus and profit sharing and other benefits like overseas incentive trips, insurance coverage and subsidies on car and notebook computer.

In a nutshell, in this industry, you are earning both active and passive incomes.

So, what's in it for me?

Unit Trust Consultants enjoy great benefits. Amongst them are:

1) Highly competitive incentive structure and benefits programs
2) The potential to earn unlimited income
3) Flexible working hours
4) Overseas trips, awards and public recognition
5) Subsidised Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification course and
diverse training programs
6) Personal development
7) Opportunity to be an entrepreneur and own a business
8) Early retirement / financial independent
9) Help others in retirement planning
10) Noble act to promote investment planning and encourage savings

How does it differ from the traditional career?

You will not be stuck in a rat race. No office politics and back stabbing. Promotion to a higher level which earns you higher remuneration is purely based on sales figures. Promotion is not based on personal judgment, thus eliminate discrimination.

Remuneration has the high unlimited potential based on sales volumes. Remuneration is not fixed to a salary scale with fixed annual increment.

Do you wake up happy knowing you have to go to work? If the answer is NO, perhaps it is still NOT too late to embark on this new found sunrise industry.

So it is time to move on! Be your own boss.

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