Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Holiday

It is the year end holiday season. Time to spend your money and leave for the dream holiday! Here are 10 travel tips.

1. Plan early. Lookout for great deals, keep track of advertisements, visit fairs and compare prices. Lookout for exclusion clauses, terms and conditions.

2. Go through the itinerary. How many meals? Mode of transport? Type of accommodation?

3. Passport & Visa. Make sure the passport has six months validity. If visa is required, ensure sufficient time for application.

4. Local customs / laws. It is not nice to offend the locals!

5. Money. Monitor the exchange rate earlier. Foreign currencies are dipping at the moment. Encourage to use credit card for large purchases as it is possible to get better rate!

6. Weather. Find out the best time to travel. Pack the correct clothes.

7. Personal safety. Avoid high risk places! If you are travelling alone, inform someone on your itinerary.

8. Keep lists. Get all the contact numbers i.e. credit card, embassy etc

9. Don't leave your address on your suitcase. If it is stolen, someone may pay a visit knowing that you won't be in! Just tag your contact number / e-mail is enough.

10. Ticket. What a way to start the holiday, all packed up and ready to check in but could not find the ticket.. & passport???

Happy Holiday!

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