Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for : Networking

If you are in Facebook, check out how many of your contacts has the above tag.

Networking is a must to bring colour and breathe life into our lives. It connects and builds relationships both in our personal and professional life. It gives us new ideas, prospects which could lead to new businesses, career advancement, life partner and macam-macam lagi!

Here are some tips to make networking a fun event:

1. Remember names
People naturally feel friendly toward us if we have made the effort to remember names. This act itself will be a good start and he or she will be keen to be a friend.

2. Create conversations and be a good listener
People love to talk about their lives. Ask a few leading questions and most people will keep the conversation going. Before we know it, we are friends for life. Personally I have many new found friends from the simple topic of football or cricket! For all LIVERPOOL FC lovers, please stand up!

3. Care and interested in other people.
People love to be associated with loving and caring beings. Do really care about these people. Sincerely offer our shoulders to cry on during distress moments.

Happy Networking. Please do share your proven tips as the above list is not comprehensive.

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