Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hello 2009. Set your goals and work toward realizing them. Do not procrastinate, start now! As we know, time does fly and before long, it’s hello 2010!

Here is my wish list for the year :

1) Home front - Charity begins at home, so gotta continue to allocate the time and effort to build the loving home. Applicable to friends too, can count on me when you need a hand or two. Or wanna borrow money? Can but….!

2) Lifestyle – Health is wealth, so vow to stay healthy. Step up the exercises and games, let go and not to cling on to things that eventually cause stress and eat and sleep well!

3) Career news – Global downturn but surely there is opportunity. Anticipating a busy schedule as there is a new project in the pipeline.

4) Politics front-page - Change of government – whoever the new PM has no time for honeymoon. There are many ailing things to be sorted out immediately and bring back the feel good factor.

5) Malaysia Today – We are losing our sense of humour. Please bring back the days where we could laugh at ourselves. Please don’t be super sensitive and jump on every word or statement that is deemed politically incorrect!

6) Sports page – We are the Champions. Liverpool FC to win the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. YNWA!

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