Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 10 Milestones & Tombstones

10th wedding anniversary. The Aluminum Anniversary! Yum Seng! Honeymoon is over la, but the hard work starts now in raising the kids to be good beings. Yeah, life is no longer just the 2 of us, life revolves round the kids. Hopefully in many moons to come, these 2 kids will bring us the honey!

9 days 6 nights Tour De Italy in November. That was the out of the box equation by the travel agency. The extra 2 days were spent in airports and lost to time zone. Visited Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan and a short trip to Swiss border! (Postcards from Bella Italia, posted on 27 Nov).

888 Fatt! Fatt! Fatt! Slow and steady in assets accumulation. The extra cash was forced to work hard for its own good. Long term is the game. Even though the share market tanked, the only way is up! Other newsworthy piece was that the wills were done up nicely. Sorry dude – nothing for you! (Long Term Investment Goals, 16 Sept & Seek Wealth, 22 Dec).

7 years old daughter survived Primary 1. The horror stories on pressure and difficulties in coping with the screwed up education system were all unfounded. Yes, the education system could definitely be improved. No, the kid did not dread going to school. As a bonus, she indulged in badminton and dancing and thoroughly enjoyed herself! Being an all rounder is the way to go! (Dance, Little Lady, Dance, 5 Aug & So You Think You Can Dance, 30 Jul).

6- June 2nd – new kid on the blog! http://metta88.blogspot.com. The rest is history! (New blogger in town, 2 Jun).

5- May 4th – first visit as a hospice volunteer to spend time with cancer patients at Oncology ward at GH. There is so much to learn from these patients and their caregivers. Tour of duty is every first Sunday of the month. (An Evening With Cancer Patients, 4 Aug).

4 Death! Mom lost 2 persons dearest to her within 2 months; her hubby (3 Oct) and mom (3 Dec)! RIP - dad and granny. (Obituary, 3Oct & Obituary II, 3 Dec).

3 – Mar 8 12th general election – Enough is enough. Malaysians voiced out via the ballot papers. The out of touch ruling party lost its 2/3 majority and 5 states. Many deadwood, arrogant and big headed politicians were consigned to the history book!

20th anniversary for VI Class 88. It was that long since we sat for our SPM and last met some of the mates. Great reunion on 1 Nov! The comradeship was still strong and it showed in the football field as we won the VIOBA Inter Batch Football tourney. (High n Low, 2 Jun).

1-first appearance in a golf tourney in Saujana. It was only my third outing on the green but it was definitely a day to remember. Yeah, how I wish I was the numero uno!

Goodbye 2008!


samo said...

Congratulations to you bro.. Here's wishing you many many more in the year to come..

hoeyin said...

So Stevie G going to countdown in lock-up???

Speaking of New Kids on The Blog...http://hyin21.multiply.com/music

Happy New Year Bro!!!!!

CheeWee said...

This fella was reprimanded by houlier in 99, cari pasal, did not learn. Trial will be postponed, as usual like over here. He will continue to play, win the league for the 1st time n serve his sentence in the summer. Due to good conduct, release in a few mths time, in time for the 09 Christmas games n go on to win more league titles! Lucas will fill his shoes n Carra is d capt!

Razali Razman said...

Happy New Year Bro. May you be well and Happy in 2009!