Friday, April 10, 2009

Common Pitfalls of Parenting

1) Leaving it all to the maid
Successful parents do not always bring up successful children. Due to commitment to work, these parents tend to leave their children totally in the care of maid. These kids would be deprived if the love and affection from parents.

2) Not allowing them to help out
Children are never too young to help out. Doing chores help them to develop. Folding blankets, making beds not only improve motor skills but give them a sense of responsibility that boost social development.

3) Praising only the A
Praising makes them happy. However don’t just praise after getting the exam result. Praise them on all occasions – when they sing, dance etc. Recognise and appreciate all their abilities.

4) Telling yourself “They are just children”
Your child spit at someone but all you do is just ignore it saying he is just a child. When parents do not correct such behaviour, children will grow up thinking that act is okay! This will lead to anti social behaviour. Start now.

5) Letting them learn solely from TV
Children may understand words but will not know how to use them until they practice them. Thus real interaction is essential. Join them watching TV and talk to them. Discussion will develop speech and language skills and encourage creative thinking.

6) Using threats and lies
Do you use ‘There is a ghost outside’ or behave and I will buy you ice-cream?
That is the easy way out but these are negative thoughts and false hopes that are been instilled in the children. They are vulnerable and confused easily.

Ideas by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Teoh Hsien Jin

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